A domain name’s registration and DNS entries are two separate things

The following will help you when deciding if a domain name’s registration needs to be transferred, or if the domain’s DNS entries simply need to be updated.

Domain registration:
A domain’s registration contains important information about the domain name, including who owns it, registrant contact information, expiration date, and more. The domain’s registrar (or registration service provider) is responsible for maintaining the registration records, renewing the domain, and invoicing for the renewal fee.

DNS entries:
DNS (Domain Nameserver) information links (or “points”) the domain name to a hosting account, allowing visitors to reach a website by typing its domain name in their browser’s address bar. HostPapa, and many other hosting companies, use two DNS entries; however other companies use three, four, or more.

Domain transfers:
When a domain is transferred, it means the domain’s registration is being moved from one company to another. This process causes no downtime, which means the domain’s website and email should stay active even though the transfer itself may take days to complete. It is a bit like transferring a rental car between two car rental companies. Nothing happens to the car itself, but the company responsible for keeping the car in good shape (and charging the rental fee) changes.

Domain transfers do not change DNS entries:
The domain remains connected to the same website during and after the transfer.

Please note, when transferring a domain to HostPapa, our Domains Department will update its DNS entries if those point to a different hosting provider.

DNS entries cannot be changed during a transfer:
Once a transfer begins, the DNS information is frozen until the transfer completes. If the DNS entries need to be updated, they should be changed before the transfer begins.

Domains do not have to be registered with HostPapa to use our DNS entries:
A domain name does not have to be registered through or transferred to HostPapa in order to point to a HostPapa hosting account. The domain can be registered with any domain name provider, as long as it’s pointed to HostPapa’s DNS entries, which are:


Please note, if you’re trying to set up an addon domain, please read the following article:


DNS changes:
If your domain was registered more than 30 days ago, you can update your DNS yourself – please refer to this article for more information:


DNS updates require some time to go into effect, as the new information needs to be communicated to all the servers supporting the Internet. This process is called “propagation.” It can take as little as a few hours or, occasionally, up to three days.

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